General Knowledge Trivia Questions

Great trivia questions should be ones that are on the tip of your tongue or if you're not sure can make an educated guess.​

Here's a list of questions and answers that you can use if you're writing your own trivia nights

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1. In the English dictionary what are the 10 most used letters not including vowels?

2. What was the breed of dog in the movie Beethoven?

3. 2 Points – On the original English Monopoly board what are the names of the 2 brown properties?

4. Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by the Scales?

5. 2 Points (Artist and Song Title) Which song begins with these lyrics, “Load up on guns, bring your friends, It's fun to lose and to pretend?

6. In Friends who was the mother of Ross’s child Ben?

7. In what year, 2 points for correct year, 1 point either side - Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt married, Gladiator and Meet the Parents were released, Destiny’s Child released Say My Name” and George W Bush was time man of the year.

8. Where is Cobra beer from?

9. 3 points – What are the 3 main airports of New York?


1. T,N,S,H,R,D,L,C,M,W

2. St. Bernard

3. Old Kent Rd & Whitechapel

4. Libra

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana

6. Carol Willick

7. 2000

8. India

9. La Guardia, JFK and Newark

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