Here at Trivia Mate we've run pubs and trivia nights for years and understand what your customers want at a price you can afford

Our trivia packages include everything you need to run a successful trivia night with simple instructions for your trivia master to follow.

        Each pack includes, 

  • 4 rounds of question

  • Picture round

  • Music round

  • Heads and Tails (spot prize rd)

  • Who/Where am I (spot prize rd)

  • Answer sheets that we can customise with your logo

  • Scoreboard

  • Instructions and tips for the Trivia Master

Image by Sean Benesh

5 steps to start your trivia night

  1. Pick which night suits your venue - Trivia is a great way to increase revenue on a quiet night, building a strong base of customers who return for the trivia nights. Look at which nights local competition or close venues hold trivia and pick which night works for you.                                        

  2. Find a host - With the quiz format provided, all that remains is finding the right host. Many of our venues have members of staff, or a trustworthy regular customer that knows the locals and is charismatic, fun and can add their style of entertainment to the night.                                                              

  3. Decide on your prizes - The great thing about Trivia Mate is because you're saving money on your trivia package you can offer better prizes to increase customers. Look at your competition and use their prizes as a guide. Many venues give away up to $50 - $100 voucher to use over the bar for first place. $30-$50 for second and $10-$20 for 3rd. We also recommend a prize for teams who aren’t winning but give the funniest team name, or unique answers. This can be a jug of beer, drink from the bar, bowl of fries or bonus points for the main quiz and encourages all teams to participate and enjoy the night.                                                       

  4. Equipment - We keep things simple, just print out the pack we send you each week, grab some pens and you're nearly ready to go. You just need a microphone and speaker set up. If your venue doesn’t have a speaker/microphone setup we have plenty of experience and can work with our suppliers to work out a package that works for your venue.                                                                  

  5. Promote your night - We can help provide marketing material and posters to spread the word to customers. Promote your launch night and get staff to talk to your locals. We’ve found that there are often the same core group of teams that return repeatedly. Most venues start with just a few teams at the beginning and can build up to 15+ teams each week and turn a quiet midweek night into one of their busiest nights of the week.

Image by Giorgio Trovato
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Kane Reinholdtsen
Image by Sean Benesh

5 tips to make it the best trivia night in your area

Our trivia packs are designed to make all your guests have fun whilst keeping it nice and simple for your host. 

You want all teams to have fun and feel like they have a chance of winning a prize. To do this try some of the below 

  1. Trivia questions shouldn't just be questions and answers -Each round should be a mix of genres, challenging questions that you know but can't quite remember and multiple answer questions and anagrams that you can figure out as the round continue.                                   

  2. Everyone should have fun throughout the night - Each pack is written so the beginning and end of each quiz have slightly easier questions. This keeps the scores tighter at the start and makes everyone feel like they have a good final round. We always end each quiz with a Jackpot Question worth several points which means team places can change right up until the end.                                                                                            

  3. Interact with your customers - We encourage the host to walk around during and after each round and give hints when needed to each team. Get to know the teams and they'll become regulars at your venue.          

  4. Everyone loves to win - We include Heads and Tails, Who am I and Closest To to give away spot prizes, the more spot prizes you give away gives each team a chance to win something. Some quick games to play in between rounds include, Rock, Paper, Scissors against the host, heads and tails with a coin or higher or lower with a deck of cards. If you don't have prizes to give away you can award points to their overall score.           

  5. Keep everyone entertained until the end - To keep the teams lower down the scoreboard interested we recommend giving away a prize for 2nd to last place. This means everyone is fighting for a prize.