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Great trivia questions should be ones that are on the tip of your tongue or if you're not sure can make an educated guess.​

Here's a list of questions and answers that you can use if you're writing your own trivia nights

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1. 3 Points - What are the 3 official languages on Belgium?

2. Jade is usually a shade of which colour?

3. 4 Points – What are the full names of the 4 Indiana Jones films?

4. Where in Europe could you spend a Lev?

5. In what year, 2 points for correct year, 1 point either side – Beyonce released Crazy In Love, 50 Cent released In Da Club, Concord stopped operating, Kill Bill and Finding Nemo were released.

6. 2 points – Name the 2 beers associated with the Simpsons and Family Guy

7. What company is associated with the catchphrase "The makeup of makeup artists"?

8. Which famous explorer from New Zealand died on 11 January 2008

9. 12 Points – What are the 12 countries that make up South America?


1. France, German, Dutch

2. Green

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

4. Bulgaria

5. 2003

6. Duff & Pawtucket Patriot Ale

7. Max Factor

8. Sir Edmund Hillary

9. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela

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