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Great trivia questions should be ones that are on the tip of your tongue or if you're not sure can make an educated guess.​

Here's a list of questions and answers that you can use if you're writing your own trivia nights

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1. What are the 10 most popular street names in Australia?

2. What name is given to a baby swan?

3. Anagram – What actors name can be made by rearranging the letters from the words "On Any Screen" (Extra point for first team to solve)

4. 2 points – Who play the 2 cops in Superbad

5. How much memory did a standard floppy disk have?

6. Which word can follow fort, mid and over?

7. In the Matrix what colour pill did Neo take, the red or the blue?

8. What is the first commandment of the ten commandments?

9. 2 Points – What are the 2 elements on the periodic table that start with T and end in N?


1. George, William, Church, High, King, Short, Elizabeth, John, Victoria and Queen

2. Cygnet

3. Sean Connery

4. Bill Hader and Seth Rogan

5. 1.44mb

6. Night

7. Red

8. You shall have no other gods before Me

9. Tin & Tungsten

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