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Great trivia questions should be ones that are on the tip of your tongue or if you're not sure can make an educated guess.​

Here's a list of questions and answers that you can use if you're writing your own trivia nights

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1. Which 4 ex US presidents were at Donald Trumps inauguration?

2. How many points is the letter J worth in the English version of scrabble?

3. 2 Points - What are the names of the first 2 Harry Potter movies?

4. Which is the first animal in the dictionary?

5. Which jazz musician was nicknamed “Satchmo”?

6. Which state is the setting for South Park?

7. 2 points – What are the name of Steve Irwins children?

8. Who was the inventor credited with the invention of radio and was also offered free passage on the Titanic before it sunk?

9. 3 points – Cameron corner is located at the border of which 3 Australian states?


1. Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Jimmy Carter

2. 8

3. Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone & Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

4. Aardvark

5. Louis Armstrong

6. Colorado

7. Bindi/Robert

8. Guglielmo Marconi


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