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1. 5 Points - Name the 5 boroughs of New York

2. What word can mean a position in a baseball team or a vessel for water?

3. 2 Points - What was the name of Nemo’s dad in Finding Nemo and what year was it released?

4 Name the actor/actress that starred in these films - Taxi Driver, Foxes, The Accused, Inside Man & Anna and the King

5. What are the 3 largest planets on our solar system?

6. According to Greek mythology, who was the goddess of beauty?

7. 2 Points – What are the most northern and southern capital cities?

8. Fromology is the Study of what?

9. 4 Points – What 4 countries begin with TU?


1. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island

2. Pitcher

3. Marlin/2003

4. Jodie Foster

5. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

6. Aphrodite

7. Wellington/Reykjavík

8. Cheese

9. Tunisia - Turkey - Turkmenistan – Tuvalu

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