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1. In what year (2 points for exact year, 1 point for year either side) – Scarlett Johansson was born, Ghostbusters and The Karate Kid were released, Wham released Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Marvin Gaye died?

2. 2 Points – What 2 comedians are behind the show “Little Britain”?

3. What can you not do if you suffer from Anosmia?

4. 2 Points – What are the first names of the Blues Brothers?

5. What is the name of Tin Tin’s dog?

6. Which 3 countries have made successful Moon landings?

7. What is the longest river in Australia?

8. Which arcade game came first, Asteroids or Pacman?

9. How many hands does the Big Ben clock have?


1. 1984

2. David Walliams/Matt Lucas

3. Smell

4. Jake and Elwood

5. Snowy

6. US, China, Soviet Union

7. Murray River

8. Asteroids

9. 8 (two on each face)

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