True or False Questions

In between rounds its good to have quick games to giveaway small prizes or bonus points, Here's a sample from out Heads and Tails (True or False) round

1. On average 165 million cups of tea are consumed in England every day – True

2. Ben Affleck is older than Matt Damon - False

3. Bono once paid $1700 to have his favourite trilby flown first class to a concert in Italy – True

4. The Collective noun for a group of Kangaroos is called a Mob. – True (Heads)

5. Donald Trump’s middle name is Phillip – False its John

6. The phrase O.M.G was used in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917 - True

7. Taco Bell was named after the inventor of the telephone Alexander Bell – False

8. The largest number of people dressed as Santa Claus is 18,112 – True

9. An Octopus has nine brains – True

10. Hugh Grants middle names are John Mungo – True

11. Barrack Obama is taller than Donald Trump – False

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